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Why You Can Save So Much with a Pearson Airport Limo

Whether you are just leaving Toronto’s International Airport or preparing to arrive, the commute can be frustrating.  Thinking about the cost of overnight parking, the possibility of theft in public parking spots and how to find your vehicle when you come back can be cumbersome. Public transit can be delayed by car accidents or subway repairs forcing you to take shuttle busses or find alternative means that can make you late. Maybe you are thinking about asking a friend or family member for assistance. This plan can be wrought with miscommunication and frustration. Does your friend know that you have to be there 2 hours earlier than your boarding time? Are they available to pick you up when you’re coming back? By booking a Toronto Pearson Airport limo, you can avoid all of these issues while saving time and money!


Parking is Costly

You should try to avoid leaving your vehicle in overnight airport parking because the fees can get very expensive. Parking in Toronto, can go anywhere from $45 a day up to $100. If you plan on going for a week or longer this can amount to the cost of rent. When you book a limo, you can save and spend half of that. Another great feature about being chauffered is that you can spend your time relaxing instead of focusing on the traffic if you had to drive.


Stay Safe

Many of our customers feel safe because they know we meet all the municipal safety requirements and have all of our necessary licences. All of Pearson Airport Limousine drivers have been trained and have gone through various background checks. Our clients know that they can travel to and from any location safely. One of the most important factors when being driven is that your driver knows the area. Drivers that are unfamiliar with the area will be left blinded when going through traffic. A familiarized driver will know the shortcuts and the safest routes to take. Toronto Airport Limo drivers know everywhere from Ajax to Woodstock and we offer a flat fee which makes its a great alternative to private driving services like Uber. It also means you can there quicker! The Toronto Pearson Airport has infamous ramps to navigate, and highways for getting to specific terminals. At Pearson Airport Limo, we can get you to your location without any frustration and you get access to the large variety of vehicles in our fleet.

Toronto Airport Limo has a great reputation and some of the most affordable prices you can find in the Greater Toronto Area. Our fleets can hold all the passengers you need. We have everything from a luxury sedan that seats 4 to a stretch limo that seats 10. For your convenience, you can even try using our online booking system. If you would like more information on our services call us at 1-800-602-7973 and one of our attendants would be glad to assist you.

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