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How to Get Your Limo Ride Just Right

Picking the right limo doesn’t have to be a difficult task; there are many styles of limos to choose

from but what it comes down to is making sure that your ride is safe, you can fit everyone of

your guests into it, and that you can ride in style. With so many reasons to choose a limo, here

is the Pearson Airport Limo guide to help you find that perfect ride!


Pick the Right Vehicle

Limos range in all sorts of sizes. To make sure that all of your guests can fit in your vehicle call

and speak to a limo service representative to find out the best rates and the vehicle’s capacity. Limos can take the smallest group of 4 people in a Luxury Sedan to a whole wedding party of

16 in a Stretch Limo. Getting the right size also affects the price of your trip, which in turn affects

your budget so make sure you talk with the limo company about your needs.


Check Your Limo Companies Ratings

Similar to taxi companies and Uber driver’s, many limo businesses have ratings. Sites like

Tripadvisor can save you time when researching all the limos Toronto has to offer. There are

lots of things you need to be sure of. To start, look into how many years the company has been

in business. The longer a limo company has served your community, the better.


Make Sure Your Service Provider is Licensed

Call the companies you are interested in and ask them if they are licensed. The Canadian

Government has specific legislation in place to protect you and your guests safety. Drivers are

required to have gone through criminal record checks, CPR training, and a driver record check

by the Municipal Licensing and Standards Association here in Toronto. Our fleet of Toronto

Airport limos are carefully maintained and serviced to ensure a safe, reliable ride.


Contact Us

These tips will help you have a fun and safe ride wherever you choose to travel. If you want

more information about limo services in the greater Toronto area call us at 1­800­602­7973 to

speak to one of our limo service representatives or book your Pearson Airport limo online.

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