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Punctuality is one of the core values that we ride on which translates to good time management for our clients. Toronto Airport Limo Services is a localized company.



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Hiring A Limo For Your Company Party

Normally, when you think of a limo service your thoughts immediately turn to weddings, proms or celebrity appearances. What if YOU were the celebrity? What if you were the person turning heads at a big event, making everyone stop and take notice? You can make the ultimate appearance at your company party by hiring a limo to drop you off.

Not only is our limo service the definition of class and elegance, you are guaranteed to be on time for your event with no worries of arriving late. There’s also no issue if you need to make a few stops on the way, or if you are running a bit late and need to change. The extra room in the back allows you to get ready without having to worry about driving yourself as well. Should you wish to bring friends to enjoy some pre-party champagne, simply let us know in advance and we can ensure you exactly what you desire. Whatever you need, we will be there to provide you top notch service.

With a rating of 5 stars and loads of positive reviews from our wonderful clientele, you can be sure that we take your needs very seriously. At Pearson Airport Limo, our drivers pride ourselves on exceptional professionalism and tight schedules. We also pride ourselves on covering all the airports, so in case you are flying into the others, we’ve got you covered!

Arrive in Style For Great Rates

Pricing will depend on your needs. If you are just looking for a car to pick you up, the Toronto Pearson Airport Limo Service has smaller vehicles to fit 4-6 people, ranging from $40 – $850 depending on where you get picked up from versus where you get dropped off. With these rates, you can arrive in style in either a Luxury Sedan or a Luxury SUV. However, if you plan on picking up friends along the way, you might want to aim your budget a bit higher to the $130 – $1200 range. This secures you a stretch limo that sits either 10 or up to 16 people. It isn’t necessary to order the limo for a very long period of time if you plan on spending most of your time at the party. Just make sure to clarify with the company when you plan arriving at your party as well as when and where you want to be picked up, as that will effect the cost of your rental.

Relax and kick back – you’ve earned it!

You’ve worked all year round for an opportunity to relax – might as well do it right. Your entire group of 10-16 can fit into one of our stretch limos, take advantage and go big.

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