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Luxury Corporate Limo Rides to and from the Airport

Luxury Corporate Limo Rides to and from the Airport

If you’re expecting somebody to visit in the Toronto or GTA region for corporate matters, don’t forget to schedule a limo ride for this VIP to and from the airport. In many cases it will be expected and at other times it will be an unexpected surprise. Either way, your company will be in a situation where it will be showing its best by arranging a first-class ride in a luxury limo from Toronto Pearson Airport Limo Service.

Extra Perks and Benefits

At Pearson Airport Limo we supply only top-of-the-line cars that come complete with all of the perks and benefits you’d need in a vehicle. Choose from a selection of luxury vehicles that include the following:

Luxury Sedans

Impress your corporate visitors by sending a Lincoln Town car to pick them up at the airport. They’ll receive an extra foot of legroom, a daily newspaper and a smooth ride along with a courteous driver that will give them the royal treatment. This car can accommodate up to 4 passengers very comfortably.

Cadillac Escalade SUVs

When you have a larger group arriving you can choose the Cadillac Escalade with enough seating for 7 passengers. This vehicle comes with a GPS, a DVD player and heated seats. This is the perfect vehicle to choose if you have more than 4 people arriving or if your visitors will be carrying a lot of luggage and extra gear.

SUV Suburbans

This vehicle can also accommodate up to 7 passengers and comes with the same perks and benefits as the limo listed above. This 4×4 SUV along with the Cadillac Escalade can handle all types of weather conditions. These two vehicles are an extremely safe choice to make when ice and snow are causing havoc on the roads.

Lincoln Stretch Limos

To make an ultimate impression on corporate visitors send out our Lincoln stretch limo to pick them up at the Pearson Airport. We have stretch limos that can seat 6, 8 or 10 passengers. Inside the limousine the VIPs will find a champagne wet bar, black leather seats, a TV, a DVD player and a CD player. Free juice, water, ice and soda are provided for this totally luxurious experience.

Treat your VIPs like royalty when they visit to make the best impression you can. In many cases it’s the little things that you do that can leave a lasting mark on business associates. When you want to do more than send a car to pick up someone important from the airport, call us in Toronto at 416-231-0443 or in the GTA at 905-712-1118. At Pearson Airport Limo, we’ll give all of your corporate executives the VIP treatment.

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